Panorama has extensive experience in teaching corporate and agency staff procedures to comply with environmental regulations, including environmental permitting and reporting requirements. Panorama also trains construction and field personnel on field procedures and safety using video presentations, brochures, and tailgate lectures. Some of our past training courses are listed below.

Environmental Policy, Climate Change, and Regulatory Issues
Client: US-East Africa Geothermal Partnership/Geothermal Development Company
Location: Nakuru, Kenya
How to Define a Project for Environmental Review and Permitting
Client: Geothermal Resources Council
Location: Burlingame, CA
Integrating the NEPA/CEQA Process and Permitting
Client: Association of Environmental Professionals
Location: San Francisco, CA
Environmental Issues in Permitting Underground Gas Storage:
The Wild Goose Case History

Client : London Geological Society
Location: Aberdeen, Scotland
Environmental Effects of Small-scale Geothermal Projects
Client: International Geothermal Association/World Bank
Location: Washington, DC
Environmental Effects of Geothermal Development
Client: International Geothermal Association/World Geothermal Congress
Location: Pisa, Italy
Hazardous Materials and Safety and Operational Procedures Geothermal Development
Client: Geothermal Energy Association/Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad
Location: San Jose, Costa Rica