International Regulatory Compliance

International development can require a complex maze of regulatory compliance for environmental and social impact analysis, monitoring, and management. There are national and local regulations, as well as international regulations that must be followed if a project is funded by the World Bank, African Development Bank, or other international lenders. Panorama guides project applicants and governmental agencies through the process to meet the environmental and social requirements to support geothermal and other infrastructure development. Project experience includes conducting environmental and social impact analysis in Kenya, Djibouti, Trinidad, Colombia, and other locations. Panorama staff team with local experts to provide the broad and industry-specific experience of our team combined with local knowledge of site-specific resources. Several Panorama team members are fluent in Spanish, and Panorama has prepared documents in multiple languages (French, Spanish, English).

Services include preparing many compliance documents, including:

  • Environmental and social regulation compliance strategies
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs)
  • Environmental and Social Management Plans
  • Social Engagement Plans (national and local)

Capacity Building and Presentations

Panorama also provides technical expertise and capacity building on topics including environmental analysis, social engagement, and geothermal energy projects in international forums. Click on links below to see sample presentations.


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