“Panorama Environmental is working with the Marin Municipal Water District to prepare a Programmatic EIR for our Draft Wildfire Protection and Habitat Improvement Plan, which is designed to address both wildfire risk reduction and invasive species spread on the vast Mt. Tamalpais watershed. Panorama brought to the project the vast depth of experience, expertise, and creativity needed to tackle the challenge of evaluating the potential effects of the Plan, including the potential introduction of herbicides as one of many tools in the vegetation management toolbox. We have been extremely satisfied with Panorama work to date on this project, especially with the thoughtful creativity they have demonstrated in addressing complex and emotional issues in a straight-forward, easily understood way.”

–Dain Anderson, Marin Municipal Water District Marin

“I have had the opportunity to work with Panorama on Inyo County public works projects over the last 8 years, both under direct contract to the County on an on-call services basis, and as a subconsultant to civil engineering firms. From my experience working with Panorama, I have found them to be very proactive and responsive to the needs of the County. They have worked closely with internal and contracted engineers to develop mitigations that meet engineering needs and project objectives, providing creative input where appropriate. It is also my experience that Panorama prepares documents that are complete and that are readily accepted by agencies. Their communication style, flexibility, and working relationship with our staff has enabled us to complete projects on schedule and comply with all environmental permits. I would highly recommend the services of Panorama Environmental, Inc. They have provided the County with excellent customer service over the years. You can have confidence your projects will be proactively and satisfactorily managed if you hire Panorama.”

–Lynn Flanigan, P.E., Inyo County Department of Public Worksinyo

“Panorama Environmental does excellent consulting work. The staff at Panorama can be counted on all the time-but certainly when projects get difficult. I appreciate their judgment, their timeliness, and their work. Everyone at Panorama is knowledgeable, professional and easy to work with. I trust the people at Panorama and that is an essential part of a productive working relationship.”

–Lisa Orsaba, California Public Utilities Commissioncpuc

“I have been consistently impressed with how knowledgeable the Panorama team is regarding permitting matters, BLM policies, and environmental sciences and how thoughtful and resourceful they are in assessing environmental issues that arise in the permitting process. Where they do not have in-house expertise in a particular area, they are able to bring in another top-quality firm with the requisite expertise and manage the work so as to produce the required product in a timely manner. They are also a pleasure to work with and conduct themselves with a high level of professionalism. I have no hesitation in recommending Panorama for environmental consulting services.”

–Harry Davitian, Entek Power Servicesentek

”In a complex and changing permitting environment like California, having a good consultant is a competitive advantage. Panorama has proved efficient, experienced, organized, and nimble in an industry dominated by giants with large overheads. Importantly, they bring the intangibles of taking pride in the project and seeing the project from the developer’s perspective– they have been consistently pro-active and strategically sound. It is only a matter of time before Panorama strings together a number of big successes for their clients.”

–Matthew Casey, Mainstream Renewable Energymainsream